Peter Kay Weight Loss – Finally, The Truth!

Peter Kay Weight Loss – How Did He Do It?

Peter Kay has always been one of the most popular comedians in Britain.

Almost fifteen years after he rose to stardom on hit show “Car Share”, Peter is still inspiring people with his humour. However, in recent times, there have been some important changes in Peter’s life – namely his weight loss – attributed by many to the OKINAWA ‘miracle’ which can be seen HERE.

Kay has lost over five stone in the past few months by simply cutting out carbohydrates from his diet. He claims this was all thanks to a chance meeting with a personal trainer who gave him some simple lifestyle advice that made all the difference.

“It didn’t involve any weird diets or anything like that,” said Peter during an interview about his new look, “I just cut out any carbs at lunchtime and stopped drinking alcohol at night. I also started going to the gym three times a week and that was pretty much it. It’s a bit boring but it works.”

The comedian claimed he has never been happier or healthier since making these lifestyle changes, and will be continuing with his new plan for the foreseeable future. While this is undoubtedly good news for Peter Kay fans everywhere, some have pointed out that as someone who made his name as a fat character you could argue he doesn’t really know what it feels like not being overweight any more!

At 46 years of age, Peter claims to have taken inspiration from Michael Buble’s recent weight loss on how to get back into shape. Since then, his confidence has soared and his career is going from strength to strength with a sold out tour in the UK already.


Kay has been open about his struggles with fatness, admitting that he had tried everything possible to lose weight before finally getting it right. “When my kids were younger they used to say I wasn’t far off being a sumo wrestler,” joked Peter, 42. “I’m not sure they would recognise me now!”

“I feel like I’ve got my mojo back, finally. It’s good to know that it’s never too late to kind of turn things around.” he said.

While Kay has always been very open about his weight issues, this is the first time in recent years that he has actually gone through with putting a real plan into action.

He claims that the success of his new venture is down to some simple changes without being too restrictive or difficult on himself. A dietitian was reportedly consulted throughout this process to ensure Peter didn’t have any deficiencies as a result of his new plan.


This certainly seems to be working for Peter who had previously admitted having commitments such as kids and panto made it difficult for him to exercise. With this now changed, Kay is looking forward to the next chapter in his life with lots of exciting new projects on the horizon.

Weight loss has been a common trend around the country as of recent. The fad diet and workout craze is a multi-billion dollar industry fuelling America’s ever increasing desire to lose weight, but one prefecture in Japan is bucking this trend – Okinawa.

Okinawa is well known for its citizens’ longevity and their slim physiques, which have been studied by scientists from all over the world. What many people may not know is that Okinawans also rank at the bottom of the obesity rates among developed countries. In 2015 alone, only 3% of Okinawans were recorded as obese, according to the Centre for Longevity Development in Okinawa Prefecture.


There is much speculation as to how Okinawans maintain such healthy weights and slim physiques; there are many different diets and training regimens that claim to be the key to weight loss and a long life, but one stands out from the rest – calorie restriction.

Calorie restriction has been studied and followed by many people around the world for its longevity and weight loss benefits. The miracle weight loss cure is here.


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